Ciclo Sin Fin

Categories: Short, Narrative Short (Online link) 
Short film from 10 up to 30 minutes (Online link) 
Language: Spanish 
Country: Puerto Rico 
Runtime: 00:11:08
Genre: Drama 

Ciclo Sin Fin Version 2 from Fernando Rodriguez Morales on Vimeo.


Jimena Silva, a young author, struggles with herself in order to finish her latest piece. Just three weeks shy
of her upcoming deadline, Jimena searches for what she considers are the crucial moments in every relationship.
Jimena drowns in the depths of her own experiences as she tries to find her Muse.
Screenings / Awards: 
Festival de Cine Europeo (Puerto Rico) 2015 - Best Cinematography
Orlando Film Festival (USA) 2015 
Short of the Year - Summer 2015 Official Selection - "Special Mention"