Categories: Short film from 10 up to 30 minutes (Online link)
Language: Chinese 
Country: Malaysia 
Runtime: 00:10:59
Genre: Narrative 
In a village, a lonely retired nurse goes through her daily routine with her son by her side
as she reflects the memories of her younger days with her husband and children. 
Information for the audience: 
Directors : Ernest Chong Shun Yuan 
Writers : Ernest Chong Shun Yuan 
Producers :  Cheah Pooi SIn   |   Willness Chia ( Assist. ) 
Key Cast :  Eric Chen Puie Kong  | Ah Lan Yap 
Information for theatres: 
File Type : Short
Runtime : 00:10:59 
Country of Origin : Malaysia
Format : HD, MPEG4
First-time Filmmaker : Yes 
Student Project : No